Discovering the secrets of your life.

Your Soul had a plan.

There is a reason you are here.

Soul Contract Reading is an activating transmission that will reconnect you with your mission, cultivate a deep sense of self-compassion and catalyse you into empowered action.

I can help you find the clarity you seek, and guide you through your healing and awakening journey.

Would you like to connect with your Soul?


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My session with Lauren was an affirmation that has allowed me to finally - FINALLY - live my purpose.

I know now what I'm here to do, and feel good about actually doing it, rather than feeling like I'm pretending I know.

The confirmation of my hunch about my direction has opened up my life: I'm now taking action and seeing the results that I previously only daydreamed about. It's a beautiful thing to know that this is something I'm here to do, it's supported by my own deepest self, and that I can trust this direction.

Thank you Lauren, I'm so very grateful.


I want to thank you for both my extraordinary reading and the recommendations which flowed from it.

Since the session I’ve been reflecting and really allowing myself to feel deeply, as well as taking a daily moment to just simply be.

I feel very clear and have a real sense of the commencement of release from the burdens that I’ve carried for a long time.

So please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for the gift you’ve given me. I truly appreciate your therapeutic integrity and how grounded you are in your process.

I look forward to connecting with you again at some point as I embark on this next stage of my journey.


Thank you for my beautiful Soul Contract Birth Chart Reading. I cannot express how much changed within days of our session.

While I was already working on my own healing, I was blocked in some areas and thought it was going to take a lifetime - if ever - to work through. I didn’t realise how much fear I had about letting go, or that I was holding onto things from my past as if that life and the experiences defined me. I believed that it would leave me feeling empty and alone.

Instead, I have been able let go of so many things, that it has opened the space for me to immediately receive more love and happiness. I have had so much healing from unexpected phone calls and conversations within days of our session, including one that I thought would never happen.

You have helped me to understand the importance of being my true self all of the time, and that speaking from the heart will only bring more love and peace.

I have experienced more healing in the week since our session than I have in years.

Thank you for your honesty and for the calming energy you bring into my life x


I have had the pleasure of a Forensic Healing session facilitated by Lauren. I felt many negative situations lift from my story as a result of the session.

She intuitively knew what was triggering me, and had the graceful ability to release it.

Several weeks after our session, I am still experiencing healing.

Lauren is such a genuine, and beautifully soft energy. One of the best healings I have experienced.


Lauren has genuinely gentle way of cutting through the crap so that you can move through it & release what doesn’t serve with ease & grace.

She’s exceptionally grounded & accessible. Lauren is a powerful, wise and intelligent healer.

Can’t recommend highly enough!!


Just wanted say again a huge thank you for the two energy healings! I knew straight after the first one that it had an immediate effect, as my ego fought back straight afterwards.

Some people may think this would be a negative sign, but I have been studying this stuff for years and know it's a sign that it's been a very successful healing!

Lauren you are amazingly intuitive and such a joy and pleasure to work with.

You accurately picked up the many ages in my life (spot on) that trauma had left it's mark but I'd buried and forgotten many of them. I also appreciate you following up and emailing interesting resources to help me along the way. 

Love and the very best wishes to you dear Lauren.


A huge thank you to Lauren for my Soul Contract Reading.

Having my life explained in that way has provided so many answers to personal questions that I thought I would never fully understand.

Throughout the reading, a lot of what Lauren was identifying, resonated with me and which has now allowed me to fully understand "me" and guide me in the direction of where I should be heading towards.

And the continued support thereafter, of emails, topics and resources, to help with my next step.

By far the best reading I have received. Thank you again Lauren xx